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Home Inspections & Commercial Pest Services in, New Hampshire and Vermont

Monthly or yearly commercial pest services are available for hotels, restaurants, and businesses in the New Hampshire and Vermont area. We also offer home inspections for refinancing home buying purposes. Trust in the pest control experts at Keene Pest Control to eliminate any unwanted visitors you come across.

Our Service Plans

Your company's reputation is very important, especially in this day and age. The culture of online reviews means just one infestation can ruin your good standing in the community, so being on top of pest control is critical.
We offer yearly, quarterly or monthly commercial pest services for service industry businesses and companies to stay ahead of the curve.

VA-FHA Inspections

Home inspections are usually required by a mortgage company or during the purchase or refinancing of a home. Our team works closely with the homeowners, mortgage companies, contractors, and REALTORS® for inspection purposes.
Commercial Building — commercial pest services in Keene, NH
During your home inspection, the building undergoes a thorough investigation, after which you receive a written report describing our findings.
Contact us today in New Hampshire, to request a commercial pest service or home inspection.